1. Ready Position
  2. Breaking
  3. Cornering
  4. Cadence
  5. Social Interaction

NICA Mission

  • Inclusivity: no bench-warmers, every finish counts
  • Equality: no try-outs; everyone rides
  • Strong Body: lifelong fitness and good health start here
  • Strong Mind: NICA student-athletes are students first
  • Strong Character: work hard, play fair, respect others and the community
machado brothers

Do the kids get to Race?

Yes!!! The Junior Devo teams have 3 races. Riders are not required to race, but it is highly recommended. Each race is a great experience and the race environment is SO much fun. See the league website www.utahmtb.org/ for more information. Lehi is part of the Central Region when looking at the league website.


WE need some much help from the parents. ‚ÄčIn fact, we NEED parents' help in order to keep our team eligible to ride. We are a volunteer organization and without the amazing parents and coaches volunteering their time our program wouldn't exist. There are many ways to volunteer. Ride leaders are extremely important to be able to hold practices. We need TWO adults for every eight student riders, so this is where help from our parents becomes critical. As a ride leader you get to ride with the kids and it is the best part of all. We will also be needing help from parents around race time, food committees, race day volunteering, party planning, and others. Come out to practices and races and cheer the kids on! You may not realize how much of a boost it is for these riders just to hear someone shout their name and encourage them on.